Saturday, 19 June 2010

Studying 2012 galactic plane alignment

Here's a rather unusal subject that I studied several years ago i.e the theory that 2012 will see a galactic alignment where all the planets 'line up' creating a wave of 'gravitational pull' through the planets that could have major implications for the earth. I gave up the study as being inconclusive, to me at least, at that time.

Recent events have re-awoken my interest to the study, however the google searches for anything relating to 2012 offers only websites, documents and opinions that claim 2012 will be a non event, which is in itself suspicious leading me to believe that the google search has been 'bought', in the same way that BP bought the 'gulf oil spill' search, by whom I don't know but the reason can only be supression.

Does anybody know of any scientific studies into the 2012 galactic alignment that I can use as a basis for further study or indeed any articles that might be of use.

Please leave links in comment box, decent articles will be posted.

Many Thanks



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